The Orchard Day Nursery

Everington Bungalow, Everington Hill,

Everington Lane, Thatcham.

RG18 0UD


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Like any environment, there will always be the odd bump in the road during a busy day, but our Core enables the care team to focus on what it right for the children. We don’t believe it to be a coincindence that for 17 years we’ve followed this maxim and it has continued to work, time and time again.

It’s simple really, what’s right for the children, is right for the Orchard Day Nursery.

It’s this simplicity that makes the delivery of all we do more straight forward and easier to both understand and do consistently well.

Outdoor Learning

About The Orchard

Our approach starts where all the best philosophies begin, right at the centre of what we do, the Core. In reality, it is a simple method, focussed on one thing; the wellbeing and education of the children entrusted into our care.